BITAREL ECO Multi-Purpose Sealant

For roofing and waterproofing
TS BY 690590146.022-2018


  • Easy to apply (does not require preparation, applied as paint with a brush or a roller)
  • Eco-friendly (does not contain hazardous components like solvents and other toxic substances and fumes)
  • For indoor and outdoor works
  • Applicable to wet base surfaces

Appearance: homogenous dark-brown or black liquid mass.

Composition: pre-fabricated water emulsion of petroleum bitumen, modified with synthetic rubber,
processing additions and fillings.

Is used to

  • maintain and repair sealant roofing;
  • repair all types of roofing;
  • maintain roofing protective layers;
  • waterproof constructs (foundations, cellars, piles, slabs driven into ground or exposed to humid environment);
  • waterproof interiors (bathrooms, floors, walls, swimming pools, balconies, cellars).

Surface preparation

The working surface must be dry and cleared from dirt; dust, sand, trash, grease and oil patches;

all cracks and uneven surfaces must be mended and levelled with repair mortars. We recommend priming before applying the sealant (BITAREL®-ECO bitumen primer).

Product preparation:

Before using, the sealant must be stirred throughout until homogenous mass. If stored long, surface crust may form, which must be deleted before using the sealant. Do not stir the sealant with the crust.

If you don’t use all the sealant in a single usage and a work break occurred, the sealant must be stirred again.

The Sealant must be prepared outdoors or in well ventilated rooms at +10°С at least.

How to use:

Sealant is applied layer by layer with a brush, roller or by pouring and levelling with a spraying brush.

Can be applied to wet surfaces. Every next layer must be applied after the previous completely dries.

Two layers are recommended. Drying period depends on ambient humidity and temperature.

Each layer must not be over 1.5 mm. thick. The overall waterproofing after drying should be at least 2 mm thick.

Avoid direct sunlight during application of the sealant. The working surface must be thoroughly primed (use BITAREL®-ECO bitumen primer) without puddle but with intermediary natural drying.

The layer is considered dry if it doesn’t tack. The sealant must be applied at +5°С at least.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Standard for the mark
Adhesion to concrete, MPa, at least 0,45
Nominal strength, MPa, at least 0,5
Elongation at break, %, at least 700
Water absorption within 24 h, % of mass, not exceeding 1
Proportion of binding emulsifier, % of mass 50-70
Proportion of binding emulsifier, % of mass 95
5.0±0.2 mm radius of curvature at -15°С No cracks
Water impermeability at 0.001 MPa pressure within 72 h. Endures

Average consumption: 2.5-5.7 kg/m² per layer (sealant consumption depends on the type of work).


  • Must be stored in sealed containers in dry rooms protected from sunlight at +5°С to +30°С.
  • Must not be stored in proximity to foods. Keep away from children. Do not allow freezing!